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With Byner on Salesforce, IT and Finance secondment company Calco made a digital transformation into one integrated environment for all core processes from lead to placement of talent. The result:

  • The largest influx of IT talent ever
  • Better and faster processes
  • Optimal collaboration
  • 360° insight into the data
  • Reliable, up-to-date forecasts

And all without extra FTEs. During Recruitment Tech Case Day, Recruitment Manager Cynthia Mourits and Salesforce Admin Johan Tangerman of Calco presented their best practice. Watch the presentation here (in Dutch):

Successful secondment in a scarce labour market

Professionals in IT and Finance are perhaps the most scarce group on the labor market. And that is exactly the market that Calco focuses on. The secondment provider helps young professionals to use their full potential. Through a traineeship, Calco trains them and guides them to a job of which they know: ‘this is it’. A proven successful approach. Since its foundation in 2004, Calco has grown into a company with more than 500 employees and around 3000 young professionals have already been trained and mediated.

Ambitious plans

The strong growth and the ambitious plans for the future inevitably meant that Calco ran up against the limits of their technology at the time. Cynthia Mourits, recruitment manager of Calco says: “With our strong growth, we of course want to optimally guide our young professionals and match them with a job and employer that suits them. And that means that we have to know them very well, so that we can support them as well as possible in the process that they take with us.

Tight processes, optimal collaboration and 360 insight into data are crucial here. That is why we started looking for a digital environment in which we can manage everything around talent and customers in one and the same environment. We chose Byner and the Salesforce Platform.”

With Byner, we have built a ‘crystal ball’ into our system. We can now make reliable reports and data-driven forecasts and timely intervene
Cynthia Mourits, Recruitment Manager Calco

Talent 360

Crucial in creating the new digital environment was that all Calco employees can work together optimally. And the ability to put talent at the heart of everything they do. Marketing, recruitment, account management, training, field and deployment management, everyone within Calco works on the same platform to make the journey of young professionals as smooth and pleasant as possible. All data is now collected centrally, for candidates in the recruitment process, for trainees in the training courses and talent that has been deployed at the customer.

All parties involved within Calco have insight into the complete process, so that a 360° picture is created of the trainee and the employee journey.

A crystal ball

Cynthia Mourits explains: “We used to spend a lot of time collecting and validating reliable figures. We now have insight into this at the touch of a button. Such as the entire recruitment funnel, the occupation of the trainee classes, and the commitment to customers. The great thing is, everyone looks at the same data on our new platform and sees exactly where we are. That saves a lot of searching, transfer and coordination in our own team, but also with colleagues to whom we transfer.

Instead of focusing on gut feeling, we now have a ‘crystal ball’ built into our system, as it were. Based on hard figures, we can now make reliable reports and data-driven forecasts and, where necessary, make timely adjustments.”

Curious about the whole story? Watch the presentation in which Calco gives a glimpse into the recruitment kitchen. Complete with practical tips and takeaways for colleagues. (in Dutch)

About Calco

Calco is a secondment company that selects, trains and offers a career in IT or Finance to young talent with different backgrounds through various traineeships. After a crash course of two weeks and a specialization period of about six weeks, the young professionals will further develop their knowledge and skills for two years at a top 200 company in the Netherlands. Under the guidance of a personal coach and with targeted training, they will work there full-time. After completing the traineeship, the young professionals can be taken over free of charge.