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All your data safe and in good hands

Byner is a leading platform specifically designed to support agencies in Staffing, Freelancer mediation, and Recruitment & Selection in all their core processes.

In this industry, where everything revolves around people and data, integrity, security, and reliable data management are crucial. As a trusted partner, we naturally strive to fully support our clients in these areas.

Our ISO certification validates our focus on trust, quality, and professional partnership.

Trusted according to the highest standards

The certification demonstrates that Byner meets the highest standards of confidentiality, accessibility, and data security concerning clients, professionals, and suppliers.

Our clients can rely on professional, streamlined processes and procedures that optimally support their operations.

And it goes beyond that. ISO certification is not a one-time action but a continuous process of improving risk management, compliance, and the quality of our services.

What does ISO 27001 certification mean for your agency?

The International Organization for Standardization 27001 standard (ISO 27001) is an information security standard that ensures the secure management of office locations, development centers, support centers, and data centers. These certifications have a duration of 3 years (renewal audits) and include annual surveillance audits.

For you as an agency, this offers a multitude of benefits:

Assurance of maximum data security

Thanks to our ISO 27001 certification, you are assured of the highest standards in information security against hacks and viruses, for example. Your data at Byner is protected against unauthorized access, use, disclosure, or destruction.

Continual improvement in business operations

Only suppliers with professional, streamlined processes qualify for ISO 27001 certification. This automatically leads to continuous improvement in our efficiency, quality, and service delivery to our clients.


Proactive risk management

ISO 27001 certification keeps us all sharp! Through continuous risk assessment, we actively manage risks. Regular evaluations and updates minimize the chance of security incidents and ensure stable business operations.


Optimal data availability

Managing data is one thing, but you must be able to access it at all times. The ISO 27001 standard requires suppliers to establish, test, and maintain procedures, for instance, in case servers fail or become otherwise inaccessible.


Our ISO certification underscores our focus on trust, security, and quality
Martijn Brandse, CTO Byner

Trust among clients and professionals

In an industry where trust is crucial, an ISO 27001 certification helps build and maintain reliability. Your clients and professionals can rest assured that their sensitive information is in good hands with you.

Simplified regulatory compliance

Complying with complex data protection regulations such as GDPR becomes easier with our certified solutions. Byner supports your compliance efforts, making it easy to meet these requirements and avoid potential fines.


Competitive advantage

In a competitive market, partnering with an ISO 27001 certified supplier provides an additional opportunity to distinguish yourself. Offering extra assurance gives your agencies an edge over competitors who cannot provide such assurances.


Take no risks

Choose certainty

The market is constantly evolving, and as an agency, you naturally adapt to these changes seamlessly. And for that, you need a partner who moves with you. Our certified solutions are specially designed to scale and evolve according to your needs over time.

Discover how our ISO 27001 certified technology can strengthen your business too.

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