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The end-to-end platform to manage your staffing business

Byner is your strong and reliable backbone to streamline all your core processes. Stay in control and increase value in every step of the way. From lead generation and inflow of professionals to deployment, talent development and invoicing.

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Everything you need to stand out

Your robust backbone with infinite possibilities

Outperform the competition; make the perfect match

From lead generation to sourcing, from recruitment marketing campaigns to talent pooling, and from identifying to profiling candidates based on skills, ambitions and availability.

Byner has everything in store to help you be the first in securing placements, engaging with the right professionals, and creating the ideal match.

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Recruitment Funnel

Optimally support professionals, suppliers and customers

Go the extra mile and make every match a sustainable success. Maximize the value of your workforce, deeply engage with talent and make work simple and efficient for your own employees. 

Streamline all processes and make te most of every step in the journey. Service both customers, suppliers, professionals and your own employees the way the deserve.

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Grow your business and close more deals

Provide customers, suppliers, and professionals with the accuracy, transparency and service they deserve. Foster strong relationships, seize opportunities proactively, and seamlessly manage reassignments and new deal closures.

Byner helps you to elevate your financial management and empower data-driven decision-making. By real-time insights, enabling you to predict, plan, evaluate, and optimize on personal, team and business level.

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Profit from the powerful Salesforce Platform

  • The world’s #1 CRM Platform
  • Robust, scalable, and secure infrastructure
  • Mobile and real time availability
  • Easy to integrate in your current landscape
  • Standard integrations with the Salesforce App-exchange
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Partner Ecosystem

Simply add best of breed apps to enhance your digital environment

Byner Ecosystem
Byner Ecosystem
Customer success

Your trusted partner from implementation to acceleration

You can rely on our dedicated partnership with deep domain knowledge and experience, forward thinking and operational agility all focused on customer success.

Especially designed for you

Byner was created with the challenges of your line of business in mind. Perfectly fit for your specific niche or current combination of activities
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