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Offer your contractors a great experience in the engagement with your customers and suppliers.

Byner gives you one platform to maximize performance, efficiency, and profitability.

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The perks of working with Byner




All core processes streamlined

Your trusted backbone from lead to invoice

Available on Salesforce AppExchange
1. Match Marketing, Sales & Recruitment
Outperform the competition
  • Target contractors with smart campaigns
  • Build searchable talent pools
  • Make your professionals stand out
2. Grow Contract, Onboarding & Talent development
Add value in the entire journey
  • Have all contracts first time right
  • Streamline the onboarding experience
  • Engage contractors and keep profiles up-to-date
3. Control Billing, Invoicing & Evaluation
Boost performance & results
  • Have accurate insights in revenue & margins
  • Optimize your workforce value
  • Enhance relationships with contractors
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Byner builds on the power of SalesForce App Exchange
  • The world's #1 CRM
  • AI Driven
  • Robust & Secure
  • Easy to integrate
Let no opportunity go by

Join our infinity loop of engagement

Byner - Contract Recruitment
32% more placements in 40% less time

Boost your performance

Say goodbye to tedious administration, errors and double work. Have sales, recruitment, and talent management take full focus on placing and engaging professionals.

Byner’s Killer Features make project staffing efficient, super productive, and simply fun.


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Killer Automations staffing recruiting
Engage & delight

Become a platform of choice for contractors

Add value in every step of the  journey of your contractors. With Byner you profit from powerful AI and automations to build enduring relationships with professionals.

Exceed expectations with your offerings, service and support and build on a community of fans and ambassadors.

360° insights into your business

Take full control

Always stay in control. Byner’s data driven focus and powerful reporting and dashboarding functionality makes it easy to take action on  strategic, tactical and operational level.

You can easily register supplier kick back fee for margin calculation. Byner allows contractors to register their own time and expenses in the portal and automatically handles reversed / self billing.

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Instantly make an impact

Grow along with us

Byner supports all processes of staffing contractors, self employed professionals and freelancer. Trusted, powerful and all based on proven industry standards. Start quickly and instantly make an impact. Then gradually grow and expand along with the requirements of your business.

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8.7 customer satisfaction
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Customer success

Unlock your success with our dedicated partnership

Your success is our goal. Delve into the comfort of our dedicated customer success team. Experience the seamless transition from implementation to acceleration. We stand by your side every step of the way, always ensuring impact and adoption. This way, your success becomes our shared achievement.

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“Byner is a powerful backbone for building a winning proposition in this challenging market” Pascal van der Hart, COO Circle8

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The Byner Community

Together we elevate the industry. Our expert and inspiring community is committed to exchanging insights, experiences, and best practices to unlock the full potential of both professionals and organizations

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