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About vind!

vind! is a Flemish player that annually makes more than 1.300 matches in ICT, technology, engineering and office. Quality is key at vind! Talent is not looking for any job, they want a perfect fit. So vind! aims for lasting matches in places where candidates feel good and can grow optimally.

This – combined with the decentralized organization – entailed challenges regarding onboarding, collaboration, and knowledge transfer and assurance. Furthermore, there was a need to deploy modern recruitment marketing techniques.

Shift to Byner on Salesforce

And so vind! decided to switch to Byner on the Salesforce platform. In this detailed case we take a look at their digital transformation, their learnings, results and tips for peers.

We value sharing knowledge to take the industry to a higher level. Therefore we don’t hide valuable information behind forms :-). So simply click the link and get inspired.

What to expect in this extensive customer case?

  • Challenges and design phase
  • Revolutionary playbook
  • Innovative recruitment marketing campaigns
  • Unique data platform
  • Results and counting
  • Tips and tricks for peers
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