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What makes leading companies in secondment, temporary employment and recruitment grow faster and be more successful? They don’t settle for the limitations of their IT-landscape.

Successful agencies constantly look out for opportunities to scale up, advance and build close relationships with both customers and talent.

Technology specific to the staffing industry helps you meet your ambitious goals in staffing. It makes work more efficient, productive and it prevents a lot of unnecessary errors and boring manual work.

In this article, you’ll find 5 best practices on how technology helps you stand out and stay ahead of the competition by attracting and retaining more talent with less effort.

1. Integrated Recruitment Marketing Toolkit

Momentum is key in the hunt for talent. The first one to offer the right candidate with the right proposition, makes the placement. Yet, lots of time is lost between the job opening and launching the campaign. The actual recruiting action is unnecessarily delayed because of constant discussions and fine tuning with marketing, employer branding and other departments.

As a result, talent is already contacted by the front runners. A lost opportunity, because one will only apply for the same vacancy once.

Accelerate and take control of your recruiting process. Avoid time-consuming projects. Innovative recruitment marketing technology helps you to always be ahead of the competition. It gives recruiters the tools to quickly create their own content, landing pages and campaigns. All according to marketing guidelines, building on proven strategies.

From an integrated recruitment marketing toolkit, within just a few hours they can launch fully-fledged, personalized campaigns on exactly those (social media) channels and websites on which the target group is active every day. Directly from the ATS with exactly the right message and the desired brand experience.

2. Automatching technology

Are you working with a CRM, a Recruitment system or ATS? How easy is it for you to extract exactly the best fit candidate for the job? We see a lot of agencies using their database primarily as a little black book. Which forces recruiters to mainly manually search for suitable candidates based on memory and experience.

A missed opportunity. Especially with the enormous talent shortage, success is all about being fast and being relevant. With the right technology you can search your entire database in no time. With one click of a mouse you can immediately find the right person for the right job. And vice versa, you easily find the right assignment for the talent in your portfolio. Intelligent search & match technology instantly delivers a shortlist of the best matches. Not only based on the usual criteria in the resume, but also based on characteristics such as availability, personality, development, ambition and interest.

3. WhatsApp Integration

With WhatsApp integrated in your ATS, you can easily increase your reach and conversion. Research shows that 9 out of 10 recipients open a WhatsApp message. And it gets even better: because not only does almost everyone read your message, more than 75% respond within the hour. Count your winnings.

With WhatsApp as an intrinsic part of your recruitment system, all communication is logged directly in the ATS / CRM. This way, everyone has exact visibility of progress and does not lose track of follow-up actions. And to make processes easier and more productive, you can set up automations that allow you to reach exactly the right people with the right message at the right time, no matter how many people you want to reach out to..

WhatsApp is the #1 communication channel of this generation. So wait no longer and fully integrate WhatsApp into your recruitment system. It works super fast and you reach many more candidates than by phone or email. Crucial in this tight labor market.

4. Video messaging tool

Video messaging is an underestimated tech tool to boost conversion and personal relationships. It allows you to one on one get in touch with talent. With the right technology, a video message can be created just as simple as on Instagram or Facebook. Fully integrated in your recruiting system, so you can send a personal video message from your own environment via email or WhatsApp and build a personal connection with talent from the very first touch point.

Simple, super personal and scalable. And – thanks to automations – you plan exactly who gets what message at what time. Easy to set up and often faster than typing countless personal messages.

The advantages are enormous. Research shows that emails or WhatsApp messages with a video stand out more, are opened faster and are viewed better. And as icing on the cake, conversion also goes up by leaps and bounds.
Makes sense, because with your video you immediately have the full attention of talent. Plus, a personal video message has a positive influence on your employer brand and the candidate experience.

5. Appointment scheduler

Ask any recruiter and you’ll be bound to hear the same complaint. The process of getting in touch with candidates is one of the most tiring, time consuming and frustrating parts of their jobs. Either you can’t reach them, or they are busy doing something else, and they simply don’t reply to your messages and voicemails. A waste of your valuable time, and – even worse – every minute of you failing to get in touch – your competitor has a chance to walk away with the prize.

Technology can ease your life here as well. Making work much more productive and more fun.

By using an appointment scheduler in your email, text and WhatsApp messages, candidates can automatically plan an online or offline meeting in your calendar. Without your intervention, exactly at the time that suits you both. Modern, customer-friendly, time-saving and fully integrated with your recruiting system (ATS).

This handy functionality can be used in the recruitment phase, and from there through the entire talent journey. Just calculate what this will bring you.

Outpace the competition in the hunt for talent?

In this article you’ll find a sneak peek of 5 best practices on how successful companies in the flex industry manage to outpace the competition. With technology that makes work in Secondment, Temporary Staffing and Recruitment faster, smarter and more fun.

Interesting? There is much more where that came from. Leave your contact details below and directly download the tipsheet with 12 Killer Automations for Staffing (in Dutch).