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Martijn Brandse

Martijn is the great creator of our innovative App. Key success factors are his extensive knowledge and experience with Salesforce technology, combined with industry focus. Martijn develops Byner in co-creation with leading customers.

Joram Timmerman

Joram Timmerman
Business development

Joram has a solid track record in the Staffing & Recruitment industry. He signalled a pressing gap on the Salesforce Platform. He initiated Byner with which companies can create an end-to-end environment to support their core business from lead to invoice.

Frank Gielen - Byner

Frank Gielen
Solution Engineering

Frank has a background in Staffing & Consultancy. He is responsible for product management and presales for Byner. Ask him anything about the ins and outs of the App. In his powerful demos he shows the impact Byner has for your organization. 

Martijn Goedmakers
Business development

With his drive and broad industry expertise Martijn knows exactly how you can stand out as a Staffing, Recruitment & Consultancy company. Explore the advantages of this end-to-end platform on Salesforce with him and discover how you can powerfully engage with customers, talent and suppliers.

Ine Moens - Byner

Ine Moens
Business development

Our digital transformation expert Ine advises companies in Staffing, Recruitment & Consultancy how to boost productivity, insights and compliance, and build long-term relationships with talent, customers and suppliers. All by streamlining the core processes in one powerful digital landscape.

Matthijs Kuiper - Byner

Matthijs Kuiper
Customer success

Matthijs helps customers optimize their business by unlocking the full potential of Byner and the Salesforce ecosystem. Byner is dedicated to be a trusted partner for you. That is why Matthijs is always looking for the sweet spot in your IT-environment and help end-users to make the best possible impact with Byner. 

Rohan Sajet
Customer success

Byner is in full swing. New releases, extra features, optimizations, developments proceed at a fast pace. With the Customer Success team, Rohan helps with a smooth implementation, solves issues and helps users make optimum use of Byner. All with full focus on your customer success.

Karel Vergauwen - Byner

Karel Vergauwen

Byner is the result of deep knowledge of the Staffing & Consultancy industry and profound technical expertise on the Salesforce platform. We are here to stay and Karel is there to make sure our solutions will always cover the functional challenges you and your industry are facing.

Vincent Boots - Byner

Vincent Boots

Vincent is our master of integrations. Whether you want to include apps within the Byner ecosystem, integrate with back office apps, or need custom developments, Vincent goes above and beyond to create an app environment which optimally support your business.

Manola van Diest

Have great insights or a sparkling best practice or customer story to share? Manola is all fired up to set the stage for you. As the Byner content queen, she aims to intrigue and to inspire staffing and consultancy companies to stand out from the crowd. With Byner, no doubt.

Michaël de Windt

Introducing Byner to the world through marketing campaigns is what makes Michaël shine. Enabling staffing and consultancy companies with Byner is amazing. Receiving this feedback from current customers in marketing interviews makes the fun, impactful and positive energy circle complete.

Inge van Bussel

Guiding this start-up to a healthy and sustainable growth from a financial point of view. That is Inge’s mission at Byner. With her unstoppable dedication she takes care of enhancing the financial strategy and ensuring solid financial processes. Of course supported by the unsurpassed Byner App.

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