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What a huge compliment! As a newcomer in the survey, Byner enters straight in the top #3 of the Recruitment Tech Top 35 (RT35) best valued recruitment software suppliers.

Rating based on 6 criteria

We thank our customers and users for their sincere recognition for the energy and effort we put in our app that helps organizations in Staffing grow their business on the Salesforce Platform.

The RT35 survey asks recruiters to assess their recruitment software in 6 categories:

  • product quality
  • customer orientation
  • price-performance ratio
  • focus on innovation
  • level of service
  • proactive partnership

The RT35 is part of an extended Recruitment Tech Survey 2022. Read more about the survey results here and download the report. If you want to read more about recruitment software please visit our resource page.

"Great to see that Byner so rapidly gained its place in the top of the leading staffing apps and that more and more customers put their trust in our technology"
Martijn Brandse, CTO & Co-founder Byner

Deep industry knowledge

Byner’s creative mind is Martijn Brandse. With his team – and in an impressively short period of time – he built a brand new app on the Salesforce Platform. Designed specially for the Staffing industry and meant to streamline their core processes all on one robust platform. Based on industry standards, learnings from leading technology and a powerful vision on the staffing & recruitment market. All this resulted in a well-thought-out app with a pleasant user interface, future proof features and limitless potential for further growth.

Keeping customers close

“One of the pillars of our success is the fact that we built Byner in close concert with our customers“, Martijn Brandse explains. “We deeply engage with our customers, involve them in our frequent releases and continuously improve ourselves thanks to their feedback. I’m grateful this approach translates into this fantastic appreciation of our customers. “

"From scratch, we created a innovative platform in which staffing companies can powerfully manage their core business from lead to cash"
Martijn Brandse, CTO & Co-Founder Byner

One platform for all core activities in Staffing

“What makes Byner unique, is that we offer an end-to-end platform for customer and talent engagement, built entirely on the Salesforce Platform. The app automates the core processes of organizations in staffing, secondment, temporary employement and consultancy. In staffing from lead to placement and for secondment and consultancy we go a step further by also automating time registration and invoicing. With Byner you create an integral IT-environment that optimally supports your Staffing and Consultancy business. In-app or with powerful Finance, Payroll & Planning integrations.

360° view on talent

Working on one platform has many advantages. Since everyone collaborates in the same environment, you build a 360° view on customer and talent. This allows you to engage with customers and talent on a durable and personal basis.”

Higher productivity and more grip

With all data coming together in one central point, you can get accurate and real time insights in key figures like turnover, margins, leads, placements and contracts. In the complete journey, from lead to cash – and beyond. Other advantages customers report are better collaboration, higher productivity and efficiency and a high level of security and compliance.

Recognized in the Staffing business

Developments are going fast. Byner was successfully launched in 2019 being the missing link for Staffing on the Salesforce platform.  In 2020 already, the app won the award of the most innovative start-up tech tooling for Staffing & Recruitment.

Next, we released the ATS and the intelligent Search & Match functionality, which made Byner the only end-to-end-platform for customer and talent engagement. The top #3 rating in the Recruitment Tech Landscape is a next wonderful milestone.

“We continue to evolve with our app”, Martijn Brandse ads. “Every specific type of business in the staffing industry has its own specific needs and best practices. We keep learning and looking for ways to best service our customers.”

So keep your ear on the ground for further developments and sign up for our monthly Staffing News Update.