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“Salesforce is an incredibly impressive platform for both developers and customers. I often compare it to a giant set of building blocks that allows you to build practically anything you like.”

When Martijn Brandse talks about Salesforce, his face gets this special glow. “With powerful native Salesforce clouds and – thanks to its open source character -a wealth of innovative solutions you can draw from as well. Everything you can think of, is already out there on the platform. New solutions are added to the AppExchange everyday and they are continuously innovated and refined. So you always have state-of-the-art technology at your fingertips.”

"After having developed winning solutions on the Salesforce Platform for the Staffing & Recruitment industry for over 15 years, it feels great that I’ve had the opportunity to create our very own solution together with our launching customers."

An end-to-end solution for talent and customer engagement

Martijn is a seasoned expert in the field of recruiting technology on Salesforce. He started off as an implementation consultant at Connexys, an ATS that soon became leading in the Netherlands. A few years and different roles later, he decided to also specialize in Salesforce app development. “The combination of mastering both the technical and the functional side allows me to truly understand what a customer needs and know how to build solutions that really work.”

In my career, I had the opportunity to look behind the scenes at a large number of companies. Only too often, I came across IT-environments with outdated and provisionally knotted tools, resulting in a cluttered and inefficient tangle of solutions. This can be done so much better! And thanks to my background, I had a pretty clear vision on how to make that happen”, he smiles.

"Byner is the App I’ve always envisioned. Complete, easy to use, based on leading visions, industry standards and deep Salesforce expertise."

Since 2019, Martijn is Partner and CTO at Byner. “I love to build solutions from scratch. Developing Byner was the logical next step for me. With this App, we focus on a distinctive niche in Professional Services: the Staffing, Recruitment and Consultancy industries. Companies for which talented people are the main asset. For this sector, a dedicated end-to-end solution to attract and engage customers and professionals was still missing on the Salesforce Platform.

The secret to our success: co-creation and trusted partnership

“We started the development of the app in close coordination with two leading companies: LINKIT and De Staffing Groep. Byner automates their core processes, so it is important to closely keep track of the specific challenges, expectations and requirements that define their business. It’s my mission to create a powerful app that helps our customers grow and makes life easier for everyone concerned. Create more impact with less effort.”

Byner not only walks the talk, it is also extremely easy to use. People intuitively know what to do simply by clicking, dragging and dropping in the app. And thanks to smart automations and powerful integrations it easily covers the complete process from the very first point of contact with a lead to the final completions and the engagement after the project is concluded. Marketing, sales, recruitment, workforce & project management, and a full integration with Finance & Payroll solutions; Byner’s got you covered.

“It's my mission to create a powerful app that helps customers grow and reach more impact with less effort. Make life easier every day."

Martijn: “In this digital world, people are more and more used to taking advantage of technology. They have an app for practically everything. To connect with the world, take control, work faster and be more efficient every day. Technology is there to help and make our lives easier. In my app development, I always strive to keep things ultra lean and mean and use the strength of the platform. Byner is based on industry standards and powerful processes. We work with concepts that everyone understands, so people can immediately use the app and easily tailor it to their specific needs. I think that is an important part of our success.”

Next crucial factor is the partnership with Talent Peaks, a seasoned implementation partner who truly understands the business. Not only from a technical point of view, but also as far as the industry is concerned. Martijn: “This ensures that Byner optimally supports the business goals and is seamlessly integrated in the overall IT- environment of the company. This is essential for a successful digital transformation.”

Skilled service is the icing on the cake

“Sure, a cutting-edge app and a smooth implementation are important. But just as important is a good service desk. With Byner, we make a difference by offering a high quality service desk with people who understand both the technology and your business. And we have a customer success team to help customers make optimum use of the app, by training users, installing releases and solving issues. They truly are proactive and work as trusted advisors for your admin. And in case you don’t have an admin, we can temporarily take over this role as well.”

“Sure, a cutting-edge app and a smooth implementation are important. But just as important is a good service desk. This is a critical success factor."


Collaboration and engagement, that is what Byner is all about. Not only with your users, but also with professionals and customers. Professionals can submit their own hours and expenses, which can be directly approved by the customer.

In their personal environment, professionals can also update their profile, manage compliance documents and keep track of activities like assignment planning, onboarding, coaching and evaluation. “I think communities are getting more and more the standard. We all want to be connected and collaborate in one environment. This makes us feel engaged while at the same time enhances the efficiency of all parties”, Martijn adds.

Byner’s Latest release

This summer, Byner celebrates an extensive release. New functionalities are added in the field of recruitment marketing, searching, applicant tracking and talent engagement. Martijn: “With this release, Byner covers the complete journey in talent and customer engagement, from lead to cash.”

Recruitment marketing automation

The integration of Byner with the Jobrock recruitment marketing toolkit allows innovative Staffing and Recruitment companies to effectively reach, recruit and engage both active and passive talent from one central cockpit. It places your hiring team in control, while working with marketing experts as one team.

With Byner/Jobrock you can meet candidates where they are, whether via your own recruitment site, job boards, social media, search engines, or niche sites.

You can use WhatsApp, phone, text messages or email as you like and manage all communication in one place. The app has smart automations and integrations for example with an online scheduling tool, chat bots and video messaging to optimally convert.

The key features of Jobrock have been perfectly integrated into the Byner app. This empowers recruiters to use innovative recruitment marketing techniques in their day to day process.

Martijn: “This is really next-level recruitment.”

"The key features of Jobrock have been perfectly integrated into the Byner app. This empowers recruiters to use innovative recruitment marketing techniques"

Recruiment system (ATS)

The recruitment marketing features combined with the ingenious search, match and plan technology in Byner makes finding the right person for the job easy as pie.

As far as applicant tracking is concerned, Byner covers the complete journey from candidate to alumni, and beyond. Recruiters can easily manage the recruitment funnel from the very first point of contact, making every touch point in the journey valuable.

Powerful recruitment workflows allow for effortless, smooth performance. Personal dashboards, analytics and reporting give clear insights into KPIs and results both on a personal level and on a team level. All activities around customers and talent converge in Byner. So you have optimal data quality and one single source of truth. The app boosts efficiency, productivity, collaboration and job satisfaction.

Martijn: “Since the recruitment process in Byner is streamlined and efficient, this leaves plenty of time to take the talent and the customer journey to the next level.”

Stay in the know

Of course, it doesn’t stop at the recent Summer Release. Martijn and his team are already working on further innovations and integrations.

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