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Customer story

LINKIT is a full-service IT provider with over 20 years’ experience in creating, building and managing innovative IT solutions for top-500 organizations and governments. They’ve embraced Salesforce to support their cloud-only strategy.

Byner is the core solution in their Salesforce architecture that allows full integration of all core processes from contract to invoice. This unique Salesforce environment that consists of Pardot (marketing), Sales Cloud (CRM), Bullhorn (recruitment) and Byner offers LINKIT to create a competitive advantage based on engagement, efficiency and compliance in marketing, sales, recruitment, contracting, time & expense registration and invoicing.

Byner provides LINKIT one central cockpit related to customers, suppliers/partners, professionals and contractors.

Read more about the project and the results here.

"Byner supports a full cloud integration of the core of our staffing business. It empowers compliant, data driven and efficient journeys and processes."
Bert Peters
Owner LINKIT Group

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