Byner App on Salesforce for Staffing Business

Recruitment marketing

Attract & durably engage passive and active talent

Meet talent where they are

Find and activate the right channels and outperform competitors in the hunt for talent. Easy, fast, and super focused. On your own recruitment site, job boards, social media, search engines, and niche sites. Meet job seekers and passive talent where they are. It is time for proactive recruitment marketing. Attract and engage talent in every step of the journey from one central cockpit. Place your hiring team in the driver’s seat and have recruiters and marketing experts move forward as one team.

Gratis Webinar Recruitment Marketing voor bureaus (in Dutch)

Ontdek hoe je:

  • razendsnel de juiste kandidaten bereikt en aan je verbindt
  • eenvoudig je agenda vult met kwalitatieve afspraken
  • profiteert van neuromarketing voor recruitment

Online marketing innovations

In Byner, Staffing, Recruitment and Consultancy companies can integrate modern marketing techniques from Jobrock in all core hiring operations. From the very first point of contact to the completion of an assignment, and beyond. Automated wherever possible and personalized in every step of the way.

Launch, optimize, repeat

Take complete control with the all-in-one recruitment marketing automation toolkit. Simply configure engagement strategies and maximize effectiveness and efficiency in all your recruitment challenges. Say goodbye to gut feeling decisions. Analyze data and share insights across your teams. Learn fast and create an infinity cycle of launch, optimize and repeat.

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Attract and engage talent in every step of the journey from one central cockpit

Personalized in every step of the journey, automated wherever it suits you

  • Launch targeted marketing campaigns to reach active and passive candidates
  • Post job openings directly from Byner on your recruitment site and third party websites
  • Select the right channels to attract and engage talent
  • Drag & drop landing pages directly from the system and have them live within minutes
  • Monitor the quality and results of advertising campaigns on a real time basis and optimize on the fly
  • Manage the talent pipeline from lead to contract and beyond
  • Easily search through your database of employees, candidates and contractors and match on criteria way beyond mere resumes
  • Focus on hard ánd soft skill sets, experience, plus on indicators like performance, desires and ambitions
  • Communicate from one central location and never miss a conversation or an opportunity for a contact moment
  • Use automations to empower personalized contact with your professionals no matter how fast you grow
  • Profit from smart integrations like WhatsApp, Email and online appointment scheduling for more efficiency, comfort and speed
  • Analyze recruitment performance and candidate behavior and know exactly how to boost your ROI


*) on average

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Control all details and compliance of customer & supplier agreements

An innovative automation toolkit to durably engage passive and active talent

Intelligent matching tools to easily place the best fit talent on the job

Create new projects & assignments first time right and in conformity with all agreements

Keep talent connected and on the ball. Engage & personally guide them every step of the way 

State-of-the-art ease and comfort by automated e-signing of assignment and contract templates

Professionals can register time and expenses anytime, and anywhere for you to approve

Streamline essential back office processes all in one powerful environment

Get accurate, real time insights in all relevant KPIs via operational, tactic and strategic dashboards

Add or integrate best of breed apps to expand your digital environment

Byner is developed on the Salesforce Platform. This guarantees:

– User friendly and flexible interface
– Seamless integration with all Salesforce clouds
(sales, service, marketing, artificial intelligence, etc.)
– Robust, scalable, trusted and flexible infrastructure
– Mobile and real time availability