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Agencies in Staffing, Secondment, Temporary Employment and Recruitment are bracing for the future. Scarcity of talent, an economic recession and increasing laws and regulations, agencies must pull out all the stops to be at the forefront of the battle for talent.

Smart technology plays an important role in this. What trends do we see for 2023? Joram Timmerman, Co-Founder of Byner spoke with Recruitment Tech, the platform about recruitment technology. He identifies 6 trends in staffing technology. Read on and watch the replay of the Staffing Tech Talk.

1. Collaborate on a Talent 360 approach

In the flex industry, it’s all about talent. Still, this is easier said than done. Far too often we see agencies working with a fragmented IT landscape. Not the people, but the processes are leading. As a result, the competition runs off with the loot.

Finance and IT secondment partner Calco takes a different approach. With Byner on Salesforce, they have created a digital environment in which everything revolves around talent. All departments, all disciplines work together on one platform. So that they can offer as much added value as possible to their trainees at every stage of the journey. How did they approach this and with what result?

Take a look at the Customer Case, in which Calco gives a glimpse behind the curtains of their digital transformation.


2. Build an infinity funnel of talent

Recruiting talent is one thing. Retaining talent is an art in itself. Agencies generally have a good idea of the results that recruitment, recruitment marketing and sourcing achieve. But how do they perform later in the process? A lot of valuable talent that has been laboriously acquired often disappears from view somewhere during the talent journey. That’s why we at Byner start from the Infinity Funnel of talent.
At your agency, what are the critical moments in the process where a lot of talent ‘leaks’ out of the funnel? In our practice, we see that there are a number of phases in the journey, where professionals are more likely to drop out. By gaining insight into this and using the right actions, you increase conversion, connect your talent with your organization for longer and make faster and better matches.

3. Grip and insight into your data is crucial

Knowledge is power. And in these times of economic recession and increasing scarcity, it’s all about data, information and insights. An integrated IT landscape, the beating heart of your agency, plays a crucial role in this. This is where all the data comes together and that provides a wealth of valuable insights, which you can then translate into proposals. In their customer case, Calco said: “We used to spend a lot of time collecting and validating our data. We now have insight into this at the touch of a button. All data is now collected in a central location. This allows us to make reliable reports and data-driven forecasts. And, where necessary, make timely adjustments. We have, as it were, built a crystal ball into our system.”

The Talent 360 approach is all about data as well. By collecting as much information as possible, you can increasingly get into the skin of talent. So you can be of value at any time, in every step of their journey.

4. Use the gold in your own database

During the Staffing Tech Talk Show, the participants were asked what role their own database plays in the recruitment and placement process. The answers were rather divided. No less than 45% indicated that they do not use the ATS at all and that they look for talent externally with every job opening. About half of the participants on the other hand say they automatically match candidates to a vacancy from their own database.

How’s the score at your agency? How well do recruiters use the database? And do they keep each other sharp to keep the data up to date? Can you easily match the right candidate to a vacancy? And vice versa? Can you easily match silver medallist candidates to all vacancies of the BV Nederland? By integrating smart automatching tooling into your database, you can make the best matches at the touch of a button. Not only on the basis of CV, but also on, for example, availability, location, travel preference and ambition.

5. Talent Hacking is the future

Growth hacking is the trend for marketing. Based on the same principle, Talent Hacking achieves surprising results with few resources and a small budget. In the battle for talent, everyone goes back to the same resources. With Talent Hacking, innovative agencies are always too fast for the competition.

Talent hacking is fast, creative and goal-oriented. The hacker comes up with all kinds of possible mini-campaigns, tests different variations and collects all the data obtained. By sitting close to the ball and using every phase of the funnel, you can quickly book results and you can immediately scale up and adjust. And it is easier than you think. Read here the 5 steps to introduce talent hacking in your organization. (in Dutch)

6. Make it as easy as possible for recruiters

Talent is scarce and recruiters are overburdened. It is therefore important to make it as easy as possible for them and to support them optimally. Technology plays a crucial role in this. It helps to work smarter and more effectively, takes boring and labour-intensive work off your hands, prevents double work and unneccessary mistakes. And so recruiters have time to do what they love and what they’re good at: making matches and building close relationships with talent.

Automations can be used at every stage of the talent journey. Think, for example, of recruitment marketing campaigns, but also of automations to keep your database up to date or to build engagement with talent. Are you curious about the possibilities and results of innovative automations? Take a look at the Tipsheet 12 Killer Automations for agencies. (in Dutch)

What opportunities are there for your agency?

We are happy to inspire you! Check out more cases, webinars and staffing tips on our Community Page. Or schedule a call. We are happy to explore with you what impact Byner can make for your agency.