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Collaboration on one platform and a single source of truth regarding customers, trainees, professionals and employees that is consistent and trustworthy in order to facilitate future (international) growth.


Calco decided for the Salesforce Platform to create an integral environment on which all activities converge. Besides Byner, Sales Cloud is implemented to drive sales and Pardot for B2B Marketing Automation.

Byner was selected to provide powerful talent management, contract and billing capabilities. This creates a streamlined flow of data from marketing until billing all in one application.


  • real time data insights accessible for all stakeholders
  • centralized view of customers and employees
  • scalable environment ready for future expansion
  • better collaboration and communication

Discover more about the Calco best practice here.

“With Byner, we’ve built strong workflows and automations to optimally service and engage our employees once contracts are signed"
Rianne Kool, Director Projects & Innovation at Calco