Customer Case: Circle8

Radical growth with a 360° view on customer and professional

With a turnover of almost 1 billion euros, more than 7,500 professionals under contract, over 3500 zp’ers (self-employed professionals) and 200 own employees, Circle8 Group is the  number 8 in the Dutch flexible labor market.

Their ambitions are great: a doubling of turnover in the coming years.  But the organization ran into the limitations of their digital environment. They worked with a fragmented lanscape, with scattered data with all kinds of confusion, obstacles and inefficiency.

High time for a radical transformation to one digital environment, in which all core processes were streamlined on one platform. And in came Byner.

In this elaborate customer case, Circle8 gives a look behind the scenes. Complete with results, learnings, and tips for peers. You can read the complete case here.

We value sharing knowledge to take the industry to a higher level. Therefore we don’t hide valuable information behind forms :-). So simply click the link and get inspired.

What to expect in this customer case?

  • 360° view on customer and professional
  • High Tech, High Touch for Service and Satisfaction 
  • Results and inspiration
  • Tips for peers

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