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Byner is the highest rated ATS platform specially designed for agencies in secondment, staffing and recruitment. This is confirmed by independent research conducted by Recruitment Tech as part of the RT35. A huge token of appreciation from our customers and users of our solution.

ATS Assessment based on 6 criteria

On a yearly basis Recruitment Tech compiles the TOP 35(RT35) of best rated recruitment software vendors based on 6 categories:

  • product quality
  • customer focus
  • price-performance ratio
  • focus on innovation
  • level of service
  • proactive partnership

The survey enquires from both agencies and corporate employers about their experience with a wide range of recruitment tooling. These include ATS, VMS, worksite websites and technology in the areas of assessment, recruitment marketing and media.

Byner came in fifth place in the overall ranking, leaving all providers of platforms for job placement agencies far behind.

The RT35 is part of a comprehensive Recruitment Tech Survey 2023. Read more about the survey results and download the report here.

"The recognition and validation from our customers makes us proud and grateful. It encourages our drive to continuously evolve our product and our services."
Martijn Brandse, CTO & Co-Founder Byner

A partner with deep industry and technology knowledge

Responsible for Byner’s product development is Martijn Brandse. “Byner is an end-to-end platform for customer and talent engagement. The solution automates the core processes of employment agencies from lead to placement/invoice. With Byner, you create an integrated IT environment that optimally supports your staffing & recruiting business.

And because we are built on the Salesforce platform, agencies benefit from a complete ecosystem of best-of-breed solutions, with which we can seamlessly integrate.”

Byner is built on industry standards, combined with wide experience with leading technology and a powerful vision on staffing & recruitment. All this resulted in a robust solution with a powerful user interface, future proof features and infinite growth potential.

Keeping customers close

Byner is the fastest growing solution specifically for companies in Secondment, Staffing & Recruitment in the Benelux. “One of the pillars of our succes is the fact that we built Byner in close consultation with the market,” Martijn Brandse explains. “We keep our customers close and involve them in our monthly releases.

Thanks to this way of working in partnership, we are constantly improving ourselves and our product. Each type of agency has its own specific needs and best practices. We keep on learning and always look for best ways to serve our customers. I am grateful that this approach translates into this fantastic appreciation from our customers. We are looking forward to what the future has to offer us.

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