Tipsheet 12 Killer Automations in Staffing & Recruitment

12 Killer Automations in Staffing & Recruiting

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Curious how successful Staffing & Recruiting agencies get 32% more placements in 40% less time?

Today’s job market is more challenging than ever. Demand is high, talent is scarce, and recruiters are frustrated and under stress. Field and talent managers lose a lot of time on paperwork that they would rather spend on serving and engaging ‘their’ professionals.

And here, technology comes to the rescue. A powerful platform and smart automations make the work in staffing and recruitment ever so much more effective, productive and fun. So that everyone can fully focus on what it is really about: finding, retaining and engaging talent. During the entire talent journey, from the very first contact to the last payment, and afterwards.

Discover here 12 killer automations for staffing, secondment and temporary employment.

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With eye-openers on:

  • finding the right talent faster
  • making the perfect match
  • for passive candidates and talent in your own database
  • with current assignments and opportunities ‘out there’