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For 35 years now, YER has been a leading labor market platform for higher educated people and total solutions partner from students to executive management

YER connects talent, experts and organizations and set ambitions in motion. The organization has grown about 20 to 30 percent annually in the recent years and this growth is expected to continue non-stop. This – of course – has to be well managed.


However, the former system was outdated and underutilized. Adoption was low, a lot of work was done apart from the system, data quality was poor, and users found the system chaotic, labor-intensive and not user-friendly. So YER decided to move on to a solution with process automations, data driven business processes which allows to reach a data maturity level and data driven decision making to empower YER’s growth in the upcoming years.


YER decided for the Byner platform to serve as the backbone of the recruiting organization. In this, they worked closely with the experts of Crossing Circles to guide the digital transformation.

From now on, Byner streamlines their core business from lead to placement. Guidelines in the transition were a.o.: data driven processes, less is more, less administration and more automation, tight workflows, structured candidate registration, standard resume generation, fast and quality matching and good LinkedIn integration.


  • More placements
  • Higher customer satisfaction
  • Greater productivity
  • Data driven decision making

Tips for Peers

  • Work with a partner with knowledge and experience in the industry
  • Begin with the end in mind
  • Focus on adoption before, during and after going live
  • Commit to data quality from the beginning
" With Byner we can reach a future proof standard and a data maturity level that empowers our growth in the upcoming years" Jan-Willem Prins, YER Director of Operations
"Byner is dedicated to completing projects with determination and conviction" Michel Elsenga, CFO YER Group