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Customer story

vind! is a Flemish player that annually makes more than 1,300 matches in ICT, technology, engineering and office. Professionals are employed directly by the client or work for a client on a temporary basis for the first six months before becoming a permanent employee. 


Quality is key at vind! Talent is not looking for any job, they want a perfect fit. So vind! aims for lasting matches in places where candidates feel good and can grow optimally.

This – combined with the decentralized organization – entailed challenges regarding onboarding, collaboration, and lagging knowledge transfer and assurance. Furthermore, there was a need to deploy modern recruitment marketing techniques.

vind! tried all kinds of initiatives with different systems in various areas. But this led to a fragmented IT landscape with more obstacles and little additional revenue. With that came the conclusion that something bigger, more fundamental was needed. 

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vind! decided for Byner to form the central platform for sales, recruitment, talent management and engagement. It is deeply integrated with technology for data enrichment, modern recruitment marketing and advanced search & matching. A revolutionary Playbook ensures rapid onboarding and a high level of user adoption and satisfaction.


  • Substantial increase in influx of high quality candidates
  • Candidate satisfaction increased to 8.8 on average
  • Better and deeper picture of candidate needs and ambitions
  • Onboarding significantly accelerated and improved
  • Better forecasting and integrated management information through the new data platform

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“With Byner we work in pure synergy. We experienced lots of energy in the air before, during and after the Go-Live. Simply a partnership like it should be."
Steve Goethals - vind!
Steve Goethals
Product Owner at vind!

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