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Byner App Ecosystem

Simply add best of breed apps to enhance your digital environment


Maximize talent attraction and retention successfully with Jobrock‘s state-of-the-art, no-code, cloud based recruitment marketing and engagement tooling 


Search, source and match the right professional for the right job with Textkernel‘s AI powered technology. Fast, effective and efficient

Salesforce Sales Cloud is the world’s #1 CRM system for engaging with your customers. Empower your sales teams to increase productivity, fill pipeline with solid leads, and close more deals 

Integrate Pardot B2B Marketing Automation and accelerate pipeline and drive sales by intelligent nurturing, dynamic content based on real time insights into marketing ROI extends your CRM with reliable business info on management, finance, location, estates plus insights and predictions

Salesbolt integrates your CRM with LinkedIn. Enrich your database, stay connected, generate new pipeline and reduce churn 

Documill enables easy and highly productive collaboration in Salesforce on documents, including automations of workflows and document generation


SignRequest is a cloud based electronic signature solution on Salesforce that enables customers and professionals to sign documents online.

Byner supports a smooth WhatsApp integration. So you can streamline your business processes by taking quick actions and add app conversations directly to Byner 

Streamline business processes by taking quick actions directly from your inbox and automatically add emails to your Byner environment

Byner offers many points of integration with the Google G-suite, like G-mail, Cloud, Drive, and other services. This offers maximum user friendliness and flexibility in connecting valuable data

Slack takes collaboration and information sharing to the next level. Discover this innovative communication tool and connect with colleagues, customers, and talent in a whole new way

With Byner you create an integral end-to-end IT-environment that optimally supports your Staffing and Consultancy business. In App or with custom made Finance, Payroll & Planning integrations

Salesforce AppExchange

Byner was born and raised on the Salesforce Platform. This allows you to extend your IT-landscape with best of breed apps from the AppExchange family

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