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Record and recap

Getting started with In2Dialog couldn’t be easier. In association with Byner In2Dialog developed a seamless integration. You can easily record in-person interviews using your phone’s microphone and the handy app.

For online interviews, simply invite In2Dialog into your conversation as a participant. They support Google Meet, Teams and Zoom.

:-) happy recruiters
75 % time saving
100 % candidate focus

Time saving solution

Make report writing history. Automated summaries and reports eliminate note taking and save as much as thirty minutes per interview.

Reduce time reviewing and training recruiters by letting In2Dialog guide the process. The result of each interview is a complete and objective report.

Best interview findings

In2Dialog’s intuitive dashboard assembles candidate data in one place.

Key findings from the interview are extracted and presented at-a-glance under the ‘essentials’ tab, including motivators, competencies and personality qualities.

Additionally, four key points for the candidate are generated so that recruiters know what to focus on in future dialogues.

Improve your recruitment team

In2Dialog not only gives insight into candidates, but into the performance of your recruitment team as well.

Assess and compare the interview styles of each member, discovering the average length of engagement, the rate at which they are extracting key details, the type of questions they’re asking, the dimensions of their speech, and the match and flow they maintain with each interview candidate.

Summarize key strengths and weaknesses for each member of the team, and set benchmarks for future performance. In2Dialog even generates recommendations for improvements.

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