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Talent development & engagement

Connect, engage, place & repeat

Keep top talent at your fingertips

Recruiting new talent is one thing. Retaining them is a whole different ballgame. Byner is a unique app that helps companies in Staffing, Recruiting and Secondment to powerfully recruit, search, match, coach, service and engage talent and thus create an infinite cycle of employee engagement.

Have 360° insights and collaborate on one platform

Make talent feel known, valued and cherished with the integrated Byner Talent development & engagement platform. Put your professionals in the center of all your activities and collaborate with them in the same environment. Create one single source of truth, with strong 360° insights, powerful workflows and automations, and thus be super relevant. By making the perfect match, connecting with them on a structural basis, guiding and collaborating with them in every phase. Offer optimal service, assess, support, develop, train and coach, and take care of all the administrative and operational hassle, all in one environment.

Stay connected in every step of the journey

Keep talent close and delight them in every step in the journey. Stay in touch, from the onboarding to even after assignments have ended, so you can flawlessly reconnect and re-assign. In Byner you can communicate from one central location and never miss a conversation or an opportunity for a contact moment.

Via the one-stop-professional portal, talent can manage their own data like planning, time registration, profile, ambitions and keep them up-to-date.

Profit from automations

Personalize in every touch point and automate activities wherever possible. With triggers and smart workflows, a one-click, drag-and-drop interface, powerful dashboards for individuals and teams and insightful analytics the recruiter takes full control of the talent journey. With a constant quality level, no matter how fast you grow.

The perks of Byner in talent development & engagement

  • Use powerful workflows, dashboards and alerts to streamline daily tasks and boost your talent manager’s productivity
  • Profit from automations to empower personalized contact with your professionals no matter how fast you grow and how many touch points you identify
  • Keep a 360° insight into all relevant talent. Continuously monitor and enrich employee profiles beyond mere resumes
  • Keep track of personal information, change in experience and skills, job requirements, ambitions, etc.
  • Use Byner to centralize and control all activities around coaching, training, assessment and personal development
  • Collaborate with your professionals on the same platform and be up-to-date and relevant at all times
  • Track progress of individuals and groups of trainees, register relevant new trainings and communicate new gained skills towards customers in clear and appealing visualizations
  • Communicate with talent from one central location and never miss a conversation or an opportunity for a contact moment
  • Use smart integrations like WhatsApp, sms, Email and date picking for more efficiency, comfort and speed

Discover Byner!

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Control all details and compliance of customer & supplier agreements

An innovative automation toolkit to durably engage passive and active talent

Intelligent matching tools to easily place the best fit talent on the job

Create new projects & assignments first time right and in conformity with all agreements

Keep talent connected and on the ball. Engage & personally guide them every step of the way 

State-of-the-art ease and comfort by automated e-signing of assignment and contract templates

Professionals can register time and expenses anytime, and anywhere for you to approve

Streamline essential back office processes all in one powerful environment

Get accurate, real time insights in all relevant KPIs via operational, tactic and strategic dashboards

Add or integrate best of breed apps to expand your digital environment

Byner is developed on the Salesforce Platform. This guarantees:

– User friendly and flexible interface
– Seamless integration with all Salesforce clouds
(sales, service, marketing, artificial intelligence, etc.)
– Robust, scalable, trusted and flexible infrastructure
– Mobile and real time availability

Discover the power of Byner

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