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Salesbolt: next level CRM data management

We are proud to announce our new partner in the Byner App Ecosystem. Salesbolt, the #1 robust integration with LinkedIn on the Salesforce platform. With Salesbolt you can leverage existing relationships by re-engaging with prior customers or candidates even after they’ve switched jobs.

Integrating the app in Byner offers companies in Staffing, Recruitment and Consultancy huge advantages to drive both recruitment and sales.

Boost your CRM with Salesbolt in Byner

Never lose sight of valuable relationships even if they switch jobs. Say goodbye to obsolete contact details, online searching, double work, duplicate records, errors, and tedious data entries. Using Salesbolt is:

  • time saving & cost efficient
  • accurate & always up-to-date
  • fast & easy

Scrape and parse relevant data directly from LinkedIn into Byner

Salesbolt is a Chrome Extension that allows you to easily and effectively enrich your database. It captures all relevant data from LinkedIn personal and company profiles and parses them directly into Byner. With one mouse click, you can create new contacts, new accounts, update existing profiles and trigger custom workflows.

“Being able to transfer information with a click of a button saves me hours of time per day. It is worth its weight in gold.“
Fallon Manuel, Account Manager Horizon Recruitment ‍

Cross-reference profiles with LinkedIn and automatically track job and company change

On average, people change jobs every 36 months. This goes for customers and leads, as well as for candidates in your talent pools. Result: inaccurate CRMs and poor candidate databases. Keeping your dossiers up-to-date costs a lot of time, effort and money.

That’s exactly why Salesbolt provides constant cross-referencing with LinkedIn. Super handy. For every time a person changes job or employer and updates his or her LinkedIn profile, the app keeps you in the loop.

Salesbolt captures the changed data from LinkedIn and automatically pushes it to Byner. It shows the results and suggests changes, so you can instantly update candidate or customer records, enrich data, or create new contacts or accounts. The tool even helps you find the right email addresses at the current company domains and allows you to trigger custom workflows in Byner to adequately follow-up on the newly required information.

“Efficiency is key. Being able to cross reference through Salesforce helps me find new opportunities in the most efficient way possible.“
Chris Wolf, Business Development Verizon Connect

Create smart workflows and triggers to adequately react to change

With Salesbolt you are always informed about recent changes of your contacts. This allows you to go the extra mile and engage with talent and customers in a personalized and adequate manner. With personal messages or pre-structured email templates. Be the first to:

  • congratulate customers on their latest promotion
  • reach out to candidates to talk about their latest assignment
  • welcome successors of your valued contact persons who moved along
  • create new contacts and update email addresses based on their latest Company Change.

Learn more about Salesbolt here

Check out the features here and see how super easy Salesbolt works. See it in full glory? Contact us for a personal demo.