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About Circle8

The group includes a number of collaborating organizations in the Netherlands and abroad – including Circle8, formerly known as De Staffing Groep – which offer a complete range of flexible labor services. They approach the human capital of self-employed professionals, organizations and suppliers from an integral perspective: the Total Talent Flow. Byner plays a key role in Circle8’s transformation to a full-digital-strategy.

Byner as the backbone of all core processes

From ATS (complete with Salesforce Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Jobrock and Textkernel) to contract management, time registration and invoice administration, Byner is the foundation for one integrated end-to-end chain to optimally  service and delight candidates, suppliers, freelancers and customers. This way Circle8 can add value to their community, make life easy for professionals, suppliers and customers by supporting a higher quality servicing,  while at the same time providing maximum transparency for all stakeholders like customers, suppliers/partners, candidates and contractors.


  • 360° insight into candidate, freelancer, supplier and customer
  • an optimal basis for a total workforce management proposition
  • a platform which enables Circle8 to optimally service and delight candidates, suppliers, freelancers and custom
  • streamlined processes
  • full compliance at lower cost
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