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what is Byner?

Byner; what is it?

Check out why Byner was chosen as the brand name of our new app

A brand new app on Salesforce

Byner is an app for Staffing and Consultancy companies developed on the Salesforce platform designed to streamline the core of their business. A tool which makes staffing of professionals easy and compliant from contract to invoice.

Why the name Byner?

The name Byner is inspired by the carabiner or karabiner. This is a tooling which can be opened and closed and is used to quickly and reversibly connect components, mainly in safety critical systems. You find carabiners in construction, sports and outdoor activities where ropes have to be safely linked to objects, such as sailing and mountain climbing.

And there you have the link with Byner. Byner secures that the core of the staffing and consultancy business is optimally connected with finance and payrolling systems. The first in its kind, Byner fills the functional gap on Salesforce from contract to invoice.

Modular concept

Thanks to the modular character of the app, customers can simply pick the most relevant features and leave others out. And just like with the carabiner, integrations can be quickly unplugged and added so customers can move with the requirements of their business flexibly. 

Some interesting features

Byner has many valuable features which help to automate the core of the business of companies who manage professionals in staffing or consultancy. We highlight a small selection:

Recruitment Marketing

Take complete control with the all-in-one recruitment marketing automation toolkit. Find and activate the right channels and outperform competitors in the hunt for professionals. Easy, fast, and super focused.

Contract management

Byner supports contract management by supporting easy registration of all relevant elements of agreements with customers, professionals and suppliers.

Search, Match & Plan

Use intelligent automation tools to efficiently place the right person for the job. Whether he or she is still out there or already sitting in your own database. With Byner you always have top talent at your fingertips. Attract talent, sign the contracts, plan the right person for the job and mentor professionals during the entire journey. With a few simple clicks, all on one platform.

Time & expense management

Byner allows you to create a community in which professionals can manage their own time registration and expense reports. Changes, corrections, additions and approvals/validations can be entered directly in the system.

Billing and invoicing

In Byner you can provide for a seamless passage to the finance department by setting up powerful workflows for approval and generation of billing events based on customer agreements, time and expenses registration and other relevant data predetermined in the processes.

New releases

Byner is constantly being innovated and tailored to the needs of staffing and consultancy companies and helps them to be efficient, engaging, compliant, and in control. New releases are rolled out on a regular basis. The most recent enhancement is a planning and scheduling feature tailored for the staffing of professionals. And there is more to come. Stay tuned and subscribe to our monthly news update.

Award winning

Only launched last February, Byner has already won a prestigious award: Recruitment Tech nominated Byner for the award of the most innovative Startup Recruitment Tooling 2020! In this video Joram Timmerman explains why Byner is unique.

There is more …

Are you curious what Byner can do for your business? Check out the features and read how Byner supports customer success. Keen on seasoned advice? We’d be happy to explore the possibilities with you and show you the features in a personal demo.

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Manola van Diest
Manola van Diest

Digital Marketeer at Byner

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