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Hendrik Buiteveld

Hendrik Buiteveld

Hi, I am Hendrik Buiteveld, consultant at Byner.

Awesome that you are going to work with Byner. This will definitely have an impact, as our innovative technology makes sure that you, as a staffing organization, can make a big difference for clients and talent.

I am a big fan of Byner and the Salesforce platform. The possibilities for the clients, users, consultants and the managers are endless.

In this project we will find out how we can make as much impact as possible for your organization. This way your work becomes more effective, more productive and furthermore it will become a lot more fun. 

My big passion is building optimal customer and candidate journeys. I always work with my goal oriented, pragmatic approach as well as my flexibility and perseverance to make every project succeed. The result is prior to everything else and I am there to help you achieve it. Need something? Let me know.

I am very excited!

My specializations are Byner, Sales, Service, Document management and Communities (Experience Cloud), but I also have a background in customisation on the Salesforce platform.

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