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Frank Gielen

Frank Gielen - Byner

Hi! My name is Frank, managing partner and business consultant at Byner. My specializations are in the field of professional services and recruitment processes. I have worked in this industry for over 5 years so I speak from my own experiences.

I am looking forward to collaborating with you and to discovering how you can get the most out of Salesforce for your organization. By challenging you we make sure that we can achieve an optimal result for our project. You will often hear me ask ‘why’ questions so that we can think about what is essential. Technics shouldn’t limit you, they have to support you, that is why I strive for ‘less is more’ when designing Salesforce environments. 

Fun can’t be underestimated during this project, that is why we go for a partnership in our collaboration. Humor is an important part of my personality. I love an open and honest culture where we can give each other feedback on positive points, but where we also discuss critical issues.

I am excited… you too?

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