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Eveline Baas

Eveline Baas


My name is Eveline Baas, I am unbelievably excited to get to work with you.

Before I joined Byner I was an IT recruitment consultant that always spoke about IT with either clients or candidates. The Salesforce fire ignited within me when I became an admin of our own ATS, besides my job in recruitment and account management. This is when I realized how much impact innovative and well designed technology can make in an organization.


My background in the staffing industry as well as my experience as an admin of an ATS give me the ability to perfectly analyze your needs as a new user or admin of Byner. I can translate your detailed service offering and processes into the right technical design. This way you’ll be working with a system that really moves your business forward on the daily and that makes you more successful as an organization!

You can help by expressing your wishes and thoughts as specific as possible. “Isn’t this obvious?” is a very dangerous thought or sentence in a project like this. Don’t be afraid to ask questions if something is going too fast or is unclear to you. I am only satisfied if you are happy with your new system.

Let’s make something beautiful together!

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