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In this scarce labor market, most agencies in Staffing & Recruitment use the same – traditional – means. With Talent Hacking you give the competition the edge! Successful organizations in Secondment and Temporary Employment are leading the way. Their secret? It might just be easier than you think.

Step 1 Introduce Talent Hacking

What Growth Hacking is to marketing, Talent Hacking is to recruitment. It combines data driven thinking with smart marketing techniques. Immerse yourself in this approach. By using this principle smartly, you reach a lot of talent with few resources and a small budget. Set clear goals, do small experiments and continuously measure what works and what doesn’t. Based on hard data, determine which actions you want to scale up, which to stop and what ideas you want to investigate further.

Step 2 Promote a recruiter and dust off the board

By introducing Talent Hacking into your organization, you innovate and decentralize the entire recruitment marketing process. What do you need for starters? Someone with an affinity for marketing, who understands recruitment at your organization inside and out and who can connect both the marketing and the recruitment departments. Add to that an enthusiastic team, plenty of courage and creativity and a management that moves with the times. True leaders who dare to stop traditional marketing campaigns. And actively support a new approach.

Step 3 Be disruptive

In talent hacking, the sky’s the limit. A talented hacker is fast, creative and goal-oriented. Come up with a variety of possible mini-campaigns, test different variations and collect all the data obtained. Sit close to the ball and use every phase of the funnel; from lead to alumni and referral. After all, in these times of scarcity, it is crucial to recruit smartly, increase engagement and limit outflow. Don’t be afraid to fail. Every outcome makes you wiser and that helps you move forward!

Watch the webinar (in Dutch)

Wondering if Talent Hacking is something for your agency? And are you curious about the steps and the complete story with practical examples of successful talent hacks from practice? Feel free to contact us. We’d love to inspire you.

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