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With success comes growth and evolving ambitions. As expansion increases, at some point businesses leaders find themselves inevitably faced with IT-solutions which no longer optimally support current demands and future aspirations. A tipping point in which it is opportune to decide for a digital transformation.

IT and Finance StaffingOur new customer Calco is a perfect example of these dynamics. They are a secondment Agency that successfully operates in one of the tightest labor market sectors of all: IT and Finance. Reason of their success? Definitely their disruptive formula: “Hire for attitude, train for skills.”

Calco offers talent with completely different backgrounds than Finance and IT the chance to be successful in one of these challenging and innovative sectors. Talent who pass the selection on qualities like potential, drive and analytical insight enroll in a unique MasterClass traineeship, combined with coaching and learning on the job.

"No matter how fast we grow, with this platform we can continue keeping customers and employees in the center of everything we do."
Rianne Kool, Calco

A sure gap in the marketplace bringing offer and demand effectively together. Calco steadily grew and strengthened its position in the market. Yearly, they work with a talent pool of over 500 employees, most of whom in time move to permanent positions.

In this blog, Rianne Kool, Director Projects & Innovation at Calco talks about the why and the how of their digital transformation.

Building a future proof environment

“Our employees are our golden asset. We do everything in our power to get to know them inside out, so we can support and guide them and pave their way for success. The better we succeed in doing that, the sharper we can match our employees with customer requests, and the happier we all are. Clearly a win-win-win situation.

With the primary focus on customer and employee, IT followed goals and processes. Rianne: “Gradually an extensive IT-landscape arose, with many solutions tied together, some smoother than others. This resulted in a jumble of systems, Excel sheets, emails, and separate ways of reporting. This was okay at the time, but with our ambition for further growth in mind, the desire grew to build a powerful, future proof IT-environment. One in which all activities around customers and employees come together.”

“With Byner, we’ve built strong workflows and automations to optimally service and engage our employees once contracts are signed."
Rianne Kool

Calco went in search of a platform that could offer an integral view on customers and employees. An environment in which everyone effectively collaborates, in which all activities and all data assemble, thus creating one single point of truth for everyone concerned.

Integral employee journey

Rianne:”We asked a seasoned IT-architect to help us map out our current and desired digital landscape. It soon was clear that we wanted a robust, open cloud platform with a powerful solution to support our core processes as a secondment company. We are a people business so the complete employee journey, from contract to invoice – and beyond – must be flawless and scalable. Byner was presented to us and we were enthusiastic immediately.”

Since Byner sits on the Salesforce Platform, it is easy to build a digital landscape with best of breed solutions in the ecosystem. Rianne: “Byner is the central app in which we manage everything regarding employees and customers. To support sales, we integrated Sales Cloud, the world’s #1 CRM and for B2B marketing we now have Pardot in place.

Further integrations

Next on the roadmap are integrations with the new recruitment website and with Finance and Payroll solutions like Cobra and ExactOnline. Rianne: “Creating one powerful environment is a fantastic adventure. In this, we are very pleased with Talent Peaks as our implementation partner. As a niche Salesforce consulting party, they profoundly understand our specific business. They think along with us and know how to challenge us to get the best results.”


* consistent data and 360° insights

* an integral view on customer and employee

* a boost in terms of efficiency and collaboration

* scalability so we can expand and internationalize