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Make automations work: Jobrock & Byner partnership

Bringing people in is one thing. Keeping people is another.

Byner on the Salesforce Platform automates the core processes of staffing agencies, from lead to invoice. Jobrock is a fully integrated recruitment marketing platform with powerful automations from lead to invoice. The combination of Byner and Jobrock is really unique and makes automations simple and accessible in daily business for Byner users.

Key benefits of our partnership:

  • Higher productivity for consultants and professionals
  • Better relationships with professionals
  • Deeper insights from lead to invoice
  • Minimal ‘waste’ in core processes
  • Integration with leading finance and payroll systems

Workforce automation vs Recruitment marketing automation

The term recruitment marketing automation is hot in the staffing industry. Workforce automation is much more than recruitment marketing automation and relates to all steps in your staffing process. There is actually no part that cannot be largely automated! 

Hiring people is one thing. Keeping people is another. As a staffing agency you want to make a difference in every touchpoint in the journey of a valuable professional, from lead to alumnus including an integrated view on productivity, compliance and ambitions of your workforce. This is exactly the added value of our partnership for staffing agencies all around the world!

#makeautomationswork: Live @ the Werf& event

View our session from the Werf& Online Live event and discover how you can make automations work for your business!


What to expect in the video:

Automate the core of your processes from lead to invoice with Byner on the Salesforce Platform. This gives you control of the ‘hard side’, such as compliance, productivity and availability, as well as insight into the ‘soft side’, such as the commitment and ambitions of your professionals. During the recruitment process, but certainly also after the contract has been signed. This enables you to build a close relationship at every stage of the journey.

What the audience shared with us after the session: automations will create impact & innovation:

  • 33% says: absolutely!
  • 55% says: yes, it will.

Personal, equal and focused on long-term partnerships: From candidate to employee, from seconded employee to alumnus. In the Werf& session you will see some practical examples of how Byner, in combination with smart automations from Jobrock, makes the difference at every stage and touchpoint of the journey. This includes a powerful audience building tool, continuous updates on profiles, ambitions and availability of professionals, personal WhatsApp messages and striking video messages.

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