Byner highlights 2022

Looking back on an amazing 2022

At the start of the new year, let’s honor the tradition to reflect on everything that 2022 has brought us. And from Byner, we can truly say: what a year!

Year on year exponential growth

What great leaps we made since the launch of Byner! Of course, when we developed our platform, we knew that Byner would be the ‘missing link’ on the Salesforce platform for agencies in Secondment, Staffing and Recruitment. But that it would catch on so much, that so many agencies would embrace Byner and our growth would go at such a rapid pace… we would only have dared to dream that.

Now, three years later, we are the fastest growing solution in the staffing industry in the Benelux region. Salesforce has embraced us as a proven ISV partner in the Salesforce ecosystem and more and more agencies, including the top of the leading staffing companies locally and internationally are making the switch to the Byner community.

Byner Highlights 2022


All this strengthens our ambitions. Our dream is to grow Byner into the #1 platform for the staffing industry in the Benelux. So that we can make more and more customers successful in finding, guiding and connecting with customers and talent.

Since September, we have been supported in this ambition by Gijs van Heijst, an authority in the staffing tech industry. This is what he said upon joining the Advisory Board:

In my career, I have not yet come across a solution that supports the core of the business processes with this much relevant depth. Byner is the bridge between recruitment on the one hand and the core processes from contract to placement/invoice on the other hand and brings this all together on one platform. This makes the app a unique end-to-end solution for the staffing industry,
Gijs van Heijst - RVA Byner
Gijs van Heijst
Member of the Advisory Board

And that it does not only remain with the Benelux, proves the fact that agencies from the rest of Europe engage with us as well. Recently we even welcomed our first customer from the United Kingdom.

#2 best valued staffing solution in the Netherlands

Growth is good, but more important of course is the impact that our solution makes in the market. And how satisfied customers are with our platform and the collaboration with our people. The independent platform conducts annual research in the Recruitment Tech Landscape Survey (RT35) on the most valued suppliers of recruitment technology.

They ask customers about the satisfaction with 6 categories:

  • quality
  • customer focus
  • innovative power
  • price/quality
  • service
  • partnership

The outcome? As a newcomer, Byner directly entered the top #3! A huge compliment from our customers, admins and users.

We have created an innovative platform in which agencies can powerfully manage their core business from lead to cash. I am very proud of the recognition that customers give us with this top score.
Martijn Brandse - Byner
Martijn Brandse
CTO & Co-Founder Byner

Growing Byner community

With the growing number of customers, the group of Byner users is also increasing. Our mission is to make them as successful as possible thanks to our innovative technology and passionate people. That’s why we put a lot of energy into building our community.

In which customers get inspiration and ideas, not only from us, but also from colleagues. So that they can continuously develop and improve. Members from our community like to share their knowledge and experiences and with that we bring the field to a higher level together.

A great milestone in 2022 in this context were the Byner & Salesforce Customer Event and the Byner Admin MeetUp.

And speaking of milestones, how cool to see our advertising (see header) in the dark December months shining brightly along the A4 near Schiphol.


One of the pillars of Byner’s success is the product/market focus that we are constantly developing.

“From my years of experience in the field of recruitment & technology, I have been able to look behind the scenes at countless agencies. And I knew: it could be so much better. I couldn’t wait to develop a solution with Byner from scratch that really works and meets the needs and wishes in the market,” says our CTO Martijn Brandse in this interview.

Our platform has been specially developed to make agencies in Staffing and Recruitment & Selection extremely successful. In this we are so much more than a supplier; we are a partner who teams up with you towards success. It is very satisfying to see what an impact we make with this and what a good click we have with customers. We get lots of energy from this way of working.

Industry standards

Our extensive track record and experience in the market, we offer agencies an end-to-end platform from lead to placement/contract. Based on a rich collection of proven best practices and industry standards. So that we can put together the optimal mix for each customer to be up and running quickly and to be able to work effectively with their own, specific challenges.

People & partnership

The combination of our technical and substantive expertise, in-depth industry knowledge and high level of service and guidance appears to be a game changer in the market. It makes Byner a valuable partner who knows exactly how your business works and what challenges agencies are facing. And we are constantly expanding our knowledge and experience.

In the past year we have welcomed a number of seasoned consultants to team Byner. Every single one of them makes their own unique contribution to our services and our corporate culture, where the core values Having Fun, Making an Impact and Being a Guide play an important role.

Together we look back on a lot of cool meetings and events. In addition to our usual internal fun & knowledge sharing meetings, drinks and Quarterly Updates, we had the annual Family Day, the very first Byner Innovation Day and an unforgettable day with the skiers and snowboarders with intellectual disabilities of the Special Olympics, of whom we are Silver Sponsor based on our CSR objective.

Stepping stone

Ambitions grow on many levels. In recent times, a number of colleagues have decided to take the next step in their career. We look back with pleasure on the collaboration, the fun and the steep learning curve we had together. It’s great to see that Byner turns out to be such a valuable stepping stone for our professionals. Great that we can count on more and more ambassadors in the market. Of course, it also means that we have room for new colleagues. So if you know someone who is looking for a new challenge in a great working environment, feel free to share the Byner career page.

Join the ride!

The need for an innovative platform and professional partnership with a supplier who understands the market and its specific challenges is great. An overheated labor market, recession and increasing legislation increase the need for agencies to take radical steps forward. We are proud that Byner can support a growing number of agencies in this.

Are you curious about the opportunities that our platform can offer for your agency? Or would you like to know what it’s like to be part of a team that is building the fastest growing SaaS solution for Secondment, Broadcasting and Recruitment & Selection? Don’t hesitate and send me an email. I like to drink a (virtual) cup of coffee with you.

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Joram Timmerman
Joram Timmerman

Co-Founder at Byner