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Grow your Staffing and Consultancy Business
on the Salesforce Platform

Grow your Staffing and Consultancy Business
on the Salesforce Platform

Take control in Staffing and
with Byner

Take control in Staffing and Consultancy with Byner

Insights &

Improve performance, optimize margins and grow data driven insights

& Efficiency

Manage contracts and make sure that assignments, time & expenses and invoicing comply


Build communities and engage your professionals with your goals

Manage projects easy from contract to invoice

Manage professionals, suppliers and customers in one app! Byner has a modular concept which is built on the Salesforce platform. Just pick the features you need and move along with the requirements of the business

Byner App Staffing Business

The missing link for Staffing and Consultancy, co-created on the Salesforce platform

Byner automates the core of your staffing and consultancy business and fills the functional gap on Salesforce from contract to invoice. It creates synergy between marketing, sales, recruitment and delivery on the most innovative platform of the world. Byner is co-created with leading  firms to make sure that it supports staffing and consultancy in the best way!

Our customers

How can we improve your business?

Byner is co-created with our customers. Take a look at the reference cases to get an impression of what Byner can bring!

Bert Peters
CEO and owner

“The Byner app supports a full cloud integration of the core of our staffing business. It empowers compliant, data driven and efficient journeys and processes.”

Marc Nijhuis

“Byner bolsters our added value for professionals, customers and suppliers in the staffing chain by making work effortless, compliant & transparent for all stakeholders.”

Rianne Kool
Projects & Innovation

“With Byner, we’ve built strong workflows and automations to optimally service and engage our employees once contracts are signed.”

Discover how you can excel in:

Efficiency &

Salesforce users report an average of 46% less costs, 28% more project profitability, 37% faster deployment


Salesforce users report an average of 32% more customer satisfaction, 45% less customer churn

Innovation &

Salesforce is a leading platform on which you can select, switch and unhook any component you like.

Byner supports integration with:


Byner offers many points of integration with the Google G-suite, like Google Cloud, Google Drive, G-mail and other services. This offers maximum user friendliness and flexibility in connecting valuable data.

Byner supports integration with Microsoft Outlook. This allows you to streamline your business processes by taking quick actions directly from your inbox and add emails to your Byner environment.

Integrate with the Bullhorn Connexys ATS. This worldwide market leader for staffing and recruitment software is built on the Salesforce platform. It is innovative, scalable, flexible, user friendly and robust.

Byner allows easy integration with Exact business software. Optimize information and communication streams, synchronize relevant data and effortlessly and flawlessly generate invoicing and billing flows.

Align your Staffing processes with the leading AFAS cloud ERP-software. Thanks to this integration you can streamline all administrative procedures, reduce repetitive tasks and gain optimal business performance. offers reliable business info about management, finance, location, estates as well as insights and predictions. Online, on demand, or as a webservice.

Byner supports a smooth WhatsApp integration. This allows you to streamline your business processes by taking quick actions and add app conversations to your Byner environment.

Slack is an innovative communication and collaboration tool. It makes work flow and takes information sharing to the next level. Discover the possibilities of connecting this great tool with Byner to connect with colleagues, customers, and talent in a whole new way.

Jobrock helps companies to maximize candidate reach and handle e-recruitment challenges successfully with state-of-the-art, no-code, cloud based recruitment tooling so they can realize fast and efficient recruitment processes.

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