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Finance & Payroll Integrations

Create one environment which end-to-end supports your business

With Byner you create an integral IT-environment that optimally supports your Staffing and Consultancy business. In App or with powerful Finance & Payroll Integrations. 

Byner easily harmonizes with leading third-party solutions so data can be seamlessly sent back and forth on all levels: contacts, assignments, billing events and time registration. Efficient and first time right. Timesheets, payrolls, invoices can be generated in app or forwarded to the system. 

The flawless alignment with HR-systems like HR2Day and Cobra substantially increases efficiency and accuracy of all data synchronizations. Efficient, employee friendly and first-time-right.



The employee portal provides a digital co-workspace in which we can optimally engage and collaborate with professionals. We now can make better matches and have a better grip on the customer and candidate funnels.”
Wim Bubberman

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