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Workforce Automations

Personalized, engaging, scalable in every touch point of the journey

Recruitment Marketing Automation is hot topic. A powerful way to attract talent for your company. Still, recruiting professionals is one thing, keeping talent on board is a whole different ballgame

Thanks to the partnership of Byner and Jobrock, you get best of both worlds. Streamlined automations to boost your core processes as a Staffing or Consultancy company. Plus a fully integrated recruitment marketing platform with powerful automations to truly engage and delight professionals in every step of their journey. From the very first point of contact, to finishing an assignment, and beyond. With integrated insights on performance, availability, growth and ambitions.

With Jobrock and Byner, your recruiters and consultants are in the driver’s seat. They take control of talent retention. Create unique engagement strategies simply by tapping into the recruitment marketing innovations of the Jobrock Recruitment Marketing Platform. Personal, engaging, and scalable to support your growth ambitions.

Make Automations Work

88% of fellow professionals predict that automations will create significant impact and innovation in the Staffing & Recruitment industry.

At the Werf& Live Event Rob Boersma, director at Jobrock and Joram Timmerman, founder at Byner shared their insights on how Workforce Automations help you stand out. You can watch the recording here. 

Watch the Werf& Session here:

Inspiration how Workforce Automations will help:

  • take control of core processes from lead to invoice
  • build unique, long-term relationships in every touch point of the journey
  • discover the ‘soft side’ of professionals like satisfaction, engagement, ambitions
  • communicate on a personal level in the right way, in the right time with the right channel
  • be relevant, compliant and more productive


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Resource request handling & planning

Automated registration of incoming customer or broker requests and intelligent matching and planning of professionals.

Project & assignment management

Create new projects and assignments step-by-step, in full conformity with your customer framework agreement. 

Document generation
& e-signing

Easy automation and e-signing of pre-defined contract templates for customers, professionals and suppliers within Byner.


Better relationships with professionals and suppliers by smooth onboarding & compliance process and real time collaboration.

Time &
expense management

Professionals can register time & expenses anytime anywhere via mobile, digital workspace and from within Byner. 

Billing &

Generate and manage billing events and invoices with one simple click.


Real time insights in all relevant KPIs via tailor made dashboards and reports.


Convene everything your stakeholders need in one digital workspace.

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