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Billing & invoicing

Efficient and compliant

Registration of professional and supplier hours for the right rates and for the right debtor; your finance department will love you for it.

The Byner billing functionality makes the approval and generation of billing events easy. Simply create basic invoices and send them out to your customers without leaving the application.

Or deploy your billing events as a basis for self-billing, reversed billing or invoicing via your financial and payrolling systems like AFAS, Exact, and Unit4. Via the Salesforce APIs, information can easily be exchanged with your back-office systems.

Either way, sales reps do not leave Byner to get the latest on their actual financial results since contract to invoice are handle there.

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Control all details and compliance of customer & supplier agreements

An innovative automation toolkit to durably engage passive and active talent

Use intelligent automation tools to efficiently place the right person for the job

Create new projects & assignments in conformity with agreements

Keep talent close. Cherish & personally mentor them in every step of the way 

Automation and e-signing of pre-defined assignment and contract templates

Professionals can register time and expenses anytime, and anywhere

Streamline essential back office processes all in one powerful environment

Real time insights in all relevant KPIs via tailor made dashboards

Add or integrate best of breed apps to expand your digital environment

Byner is developed on the Salesforce Platform. This guarantees:

– User friendly and flexible interface
– Seamless integration with all Salesforce clouds
(sales, service, marketing, artificial intelligence, etc.)
– Robust, scalable, trusted and flexible infrastructure
– Mobile and real time availability

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Discover the power of Byner

Leave your contact details and we’ll contact you a.s.a.p!

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