Byner App on Salesforce for Staffing Business

Resource request handling and planning

Smooth and intelligent

Requests for new professionals from customers or brokers come in via so many sources, that it is sometimes hard to keep track. The Byner resource request handling and planning functionality is easy to use, from both mailbox and smartphone.

At creation, resource requests are automatically linked to the right framework agreements, customer and contact person. This guarantees a smooth and compliant process continuation.

The resource planner helps you to find the right professional quickly, based on your defined skills sets, preferred location and availability.

And after finding the right professional, a day-to-day planning can be made and synced with the professional’s calendar with one press of a button.

Engaging with your professionals is made easy by using the power of the Salesforce platform. They are in the driver’s seat and can update their work planning any time they want on their smartphone.

This way your forecast will always be realtime and up-to-date.

Check out how it works in the video below:


8 insights into:

  • The fundaments of contract management
  • How to increase productivity and stay in control
  • How to be compliant by default
  • How to effectively manage planning and scheduling of professionals
  • How to engage professionals and suppliers and boost collaboration
  • And much more..!

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Easily register all relevant elements of customer & supplier agreements. Work efficient and compliant for all parties.

Resource request handling & planning

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Project & assignment management

Create new projects and assignments step-by-step, in full conformity with your customer framework agreement. 

Document generation
& e-signing

Easy automation and e-signing of pre-defined contract templates for customers, professionals and suppliers within Byner.


Better relationships with professionals and suppliers by smooth onboarding & compliance process and real time collaboration.

Time &
expense management

Professionals can register time & expenses anytime anywhere via mobile, digital workspace and from within Byner. 

Billing &

Generate and manage billing events and invoices with one simple click.


Real time insights in all relevant KPIs via tailor made dashboards and reports.


Convene everything your stakeholders need in one digital workspace.