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Customer story

Sterksen Byner
Sterksen has been working on innovative recruitment services since 2002 and is market leader in IT & Technology Recruitment and expert in RPO services. From offices in Breda and Utrecht, the company handles both the Dutch and international markets. Sterksen is growing fast, shifting their focus towards a concept of total talent management, focusing on highly qualified IT professionals regardless of the nature and form of contracts provided.

This ambition, combined with the steady growth of the company, called for a robust system that could powerfully automate the processes around contract management, time & expenses registration, invoicing and controlling. Above that, Sterksen is VRO ISO-certified, which requires strict management of compliance on a large variety of documents. The Byner App on the Salesforce Platform proved to be the ideal tool for meeting these requirements.

And there is more. Byner offers a portal in which professionals themselves can register their personal data, upload compliance documents, perform an id-check etc. In this digital co-working space professionals can even register worked hours and have them approved by their client. The backoffice of Sterksen simply can check the details and prepare the billing and invoicing.
"With Byner, we can now focus on what we are here for: closing deals and searching and acquiring that one - highly qualified and scarce - IT-professional who is best fit for the job. And once the relationship is established, we concentrate on creating engaging high quality experiences for both customers and professionals.”
Donald Derksen
Director Sterksen
“You know what makes professionals happy? Pay them in time, have contract details in place, cover the risks and do things first-time-right. Byner helps us do all that with a few clicks of a mouse. The app automates the complete workflow from contract to invoice.

This saves us an enormous amount of time and effort. We used to do every single contract handling, registration, checking and invoicing mainly manually. You can imagine how time consuming, tedious and error prone this was."

Donald Derksen
Director Sterksen

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