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Customer story

Pitt-IT specializes in the staffing of IT-professionals. What sets them apart is their dedicated focus on the combination of technical expertise, skills and personality of their professionals to reach a durable and satisfying match.

CEO Twan Swinkels explains: “We make a blueprint of our customers, projects and professionals. We extensively profile candidates, not only on experience and competence, but we also map expectations, motivation, ambitions and soft skills. This allows us to make best fit and sustainable matches.”


Pitt-IT was looking for a solution that allows them to optimally service both customers, suppliers and professionals. Twan Swinkels: “With Byner we created a dedicated portal for talent management and engagement in which we optimally service our professionals. They don’t have to worry about anything. Contract and project management, coaching, training, evaluation, in app time registration, payments, we’ve got them covered. All they have to focus on is work.” 

Being a trusted partner for customers is a USP for Pitt-IT. “Thanks to the Byner platform, we are compliant, we have our processes in place, and we have 360° insights into all relevant data whether it concerns professionals, projects, contracts, or finance. This allows us to optimally facilitate our customers and talent, offer stability, and be a proactive and reliable partner.”


With Byner, Pitt-IT created an environment that supports their business just how they envisioned it. Byner automates all core processes from lead to invoice. Jobrock was implemented for Recruitment & Marketing Automations, Sales Cloud CRM to drive sales, Textkernel for Intelligent Searching & Matching, Documill for Document Automation, SignRequest for electronic signing and an integration with Exact Online to seamlessly align with finance and payrolling activities.

With this digital transformation an end-to-end platform was created for sustainable talent and customer engagement, all powered by the Sales Platform.


Twan Swinkels adds: “The Byner team stands for what they do. They make providing quality and impacting our business their top priority. They have profound knowledge of both our industry as well as of Salesforce technology and are always ready to go the extra mile. Come to think of it, we share the same DNA, and that feels good.”


► one platform to service customers, suppliers and professionals

► 360° insights into all relevant data

► consistent and streamlined core processes

► compliance with legislation and regulations

► fully integrated back and front office

► seamless integration with Exact Online

“With Byner, we are fully in the driver's seat. With the same team, we have significantly increased our productivity and the level of quality we offer our customers and professionals."
Twan Swinkels Pitt IT
Twan Swinkels

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