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Customer story

DIT IS WIJS specializes in supporting primary and secondary education by providing professionals, training, projects and learning methods. The organization has an extensive pool of teachers and a comprehensive side-entrants programme. “Our mission is that no classes have to be sent home ever again in the future.”


In this market, high quality passionate professionals are a scarce asset. That is why DIT IS WIJS switched to a digital landscape which fully supports them to offer customers, candidates and employees a powerful and engaging journey. So teachers are excellently serviced and empowered to do what they do best: teaching.


In the new environment, all activities converge on the Salesforce Platform. Sales Cloud CRM and Active Campaign are deployed for Sales and Marketing Automation and Jobrock for recruitment. Byner plays a key role in the process from resource request to invoice and the full integration with AFAS Flex.


  •  360° view on all relevant data
  • Efficient collaboration
  • Transparency & compliance
  • Accuracy & first-time-right data entry
“Byner streamlines the core of our business, so we can uphold the quality of the candidate and customer journey after contracts are signed. Workflows with automated tasks, alerts, reminders, and follow ups help us work lean and mean.

The employee portal provides a digital co-workspace in which we can optimally engage and collaborate with professionals. We now can make better matches and have a better grip on the customer and candidate funnels.”
Frank Voskuil
Frank Voskuil

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