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Customer Success Manager Byner

Customer success at Byner

Matthijs Kuiper about sweet spots and making impact

Byner in the Salesforce AppExchange

Early February, we officially registered the Byner App in the Salesforce AppExchange, launched this brand new website and presented Byner to the Staffing and Consultancy market. Who are the people behind the app? High time to introduce the key players of our fantastic product to you. Starting with our Customer Success Manager, Matthijs Kuiper.

What is customer success at Byner?

I am the Customer Success Manager for Byner. This means I help customers optimize their business by unlocking the full potential of Byner and the Salesforce ecosystem. My passion is to find the sweet spot for Byner in their Salesforce environment and onboard the end-users to proactively ensure that the Byner implementation makes the best possible impact.

For me, customer success is making sure that, as a company, we do everything in our power to help our customers be successful while using Byner. So I see to it that all my colleagues from sales, marketing, development, support, and implementation share the same goal and vision.

Working together as partners

Instead of an old-fashioned supplier versus customer relationship, we are dedicated to truly be a partner for our customers. Working together, learning from each other and improving every step of the way. The creation of Byner is a perfect example of that. From the very start of our development, we consulted our potential customers what they missed in their current applications and what wishes they had. From there, we co-created the app together with our customers.

What is your mission?

I get a lot of energy from being able to proactively show our customers how the new Byner features help them make a difference now or in the (near) future. I am constantly focussed on looking for ways to make and keep customers happy and finding ways to support them in the best possible way. It is so much fun working closely together with our customers and celebrating the milestones we achieve! Not to mention all the treats and beers we share for the occasion, of course ;-).

I love the way that Salesforce has set up their ecosystem, allowing you to stick to the standards, customize where necessary, have everything in the cloud and get apps you need from the AppExchange for specific business needs.

So, you’re a huge Salesforce fan?

You can say that again. I started working with the Salesforce platform about 7,5 years ago after having a job in account management and recruitment. During the past years I started growing my knowledge of the platform and became an enthusiastic promoter of Salesforce, all the while working on implementations and supporting customers off all different sizes.

I’m blessed with a broad interest and in the past I have implemented all kinds of Salesforce (-related) products and processes on the platform, i.e. Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Community Cloud or solutions for recruitment (ATS), Total Talent Management, Vendor Management, Freelance Management or IT/HR Service Management.

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Where does Byner fit in?

My journey with Byner started parallel with my Talent Peaks journey. Having worked with Joram, Frank and Martijn on projects in the past, so I kinda knew what I could expect: a customer central, creative, can do mentality.

When we discussed the opportunity for a Salesforce App that helps organizations take control of their staffing and consultancy business that was built natively on the platform, my interest grew. Seeing my involvement in multi-cloud, multi-purpose or heavily integrated projects, I could see the benefit of embedding Byner features in new or existing Salesforce Setups using Pardot, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, et cetera.

Up till now, there was no product available in the market for this purpose which is so easy to set up and ready-to-use as Byner. Byner works right out of the box.

What makes Byner a unique App?

Up till now, there was no product available in the market for this purpose which is so easy to set up and ready-to-use as Byner. Byner works right out of the box. In the past I’ve worked with different systems related to or designed for the staffing and consultancy industry on different platforms. Usually these systems are highly customizable and connectable. However, with this comes a risk: straying to far from industry or platform standards and best practices.

Easy to use and quickly set-up

Byner strives to be as lean, thorough and flexible as possible, for both system administrators, heavy and non-heavy users, allowing us to innovate quickly. We provide a unique set up wizard that allows a Salesforce administrator to set up Byner in as little as 5 minutes. After that you can start exploring or customizing the app using nothing but in-app guidance and your existing Salesforce skills.

Byner integrally connects the core of the Staffing Business

We believe that Byner can boost the staffing and consultancy business because it allows you to have a 360° view of your business, customers, suppliers, professionals and contracts as you can connect with standard Salesforce features like Service & Sales Management, Marketing or Recruitment solutions out of the box. This way you can improve internal or external cross-pollination between sales, service, contract management, finance, professionals and suppliers by having one integrated view and solution.

The roadmap for 2020

This year I’m looking forward to help innovate the product even more, to drive customer success, improve our service and delivery process, set up industry-proof implementation best practices and to show the power of Byner to the industry.

I dare you to challenge us with your business processes, with or without integrations, with or without other Salesforce clouds products. I look forward to connecting with you and see how we can impact your business!

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Matthijs Kuiper
Matthijs Kuiper

Customer Success Manager Byner

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