Byner launches recruitment ATS

Byner expands with Recruitment and intelligent Search & Match functionality

The #1 integral platform on Salesforce for talent engagement

Recruit candidates faster and have everything in place for long-term talent engagement. The new Byner release has got what it takes to streamline all core processes and build meaningful relationships with both passive and active talent.

An innovative recruitment marketing toolbox, searching and matching intelligence, powerful automations and a cutting-edge UI: Byner makes recruitment ever so much more successful.

Not only by closing more placements, but also by retaining talent durably. Important ammunition in the war for talent.

End-to-end talent engagement

Byner started off as the first app on Salesforce that automated the core processes of Staffing, Recruitment & Consulting companies from contract to invoice. An innovative solution with powerful workforce automations and project management functionality.

In close concert with our growing customer base, app development has been evolving ever since. This resulted in an expansion of the app with innovative front-end functionality plus recruitment marketing features and planning, payroll and finance integrations.

Byner end-to-end platform

This makes Byner the #1 integral platform for Staffing, Recruitment and Consultancy on Salesforce covering front-end, mid-office and back-end processes.

Byner USPs:

  • End-to-end platform for customer and talent engagement on Salesforce
  • Developed in co-creation with industry leaders
  • Based on best practices and industry standards
  • Ecosystem with best-of-breed integrations
  • Efficient, intuitive one-click interface

Watch the Recruitment Tech Live episode:

Recruitment expert Martijn Hemminga announced the new release in the Recruitment Tech Live stream on August 4th. You can watch the abstract here (in Dutch):

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Manola van Diest
Manola van Diest

Digital Marketeer at Byner

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