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Byner wins award most innovative tech tooling 2020

Byner wins award most promising tooling for Staffing and Consultancy

by a public and Recruitment Tech expert jury

Byner: the missing link

We have barely launched our App in the Salesforce AppExchange and yet Byner already wins a prestigious award!

The renowned platform Recruitment Tech selected Byner as one of the most promising Startup tech toolings in 2020. The jury qualified our app as innovative, distinctive and groundbreaking for the Staffing and Consultancy companies working with the Salesforce platform.

Byner is the missing link on the Salesforce platform. It streamlines contract management, time and expense registration, and invoicing for companies in staffing, secondment and consultancy.

Why is Byner distinctive?

In most companies, marketing, sales and recruitment already are well organized. With candidates and customers in the center of the business, and smooth processes to guarantee efficiency as well as a positive experience. But how about the next steps?

Once the right professional is recruited for a project, things become more complicated. When it comes to activities like managing your customer framework agreements, scheduling of professionals, assignment management incl. compliance documents, time registration, and invoicing things often are labor intensive and error-prone while transparency is far fetched.

Most back office systems tend to be strongly financially driven. They lack innovative power and user friendliness. Plus, for back office technology, there is still a lot to be won in terms of customer and candidate experience.

Thanks to our launching customers

Byner is co-created with our valued customers De Staffing Groep and LINKIT.

Placing customers and candidates in the center of all activities, together we developed an app that optimizes their core processes from contract to invoice. So they can build durable relationships with customers, suppliers and professionals.

Byner adds value for professionals, customers and suppliers in the staffing chain by making work effortless, compliant and transparent for all stakeholders.

Check the winning pitch!

In this video Joram Timmerman explains why Byner is worthy of this prize (in Dutch).

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Manola van Diest
Manola van Diest

Digital Marketeer at Byner

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