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Meet Byner the #1 most complete ATS for Staffing on the Salesforce Platform

Recruit the best candidates for your assignments

outsmart the competition with our innovative recruitment & marketing automation toolkit

Match external job offers to professionals in your database

never fail talent and optimize utilization with our intelligent Search, Match & Plan technology

Durably engage with valuable talent everywhere

become the employer of choice through 360° workforce management and talent engagement

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“We now have onze backbone with 360° insights & control. Partnering with Byner offers us one central platform to build a winning proposition.”
~Pascal van der Hart, COO Circle8

“Our employees are our golden asset. Byner is the central app with which we attract the right talent, get to know them inside out, follow them every step of the way and guide them towards success.”
~Rianne Kool, Director Projects & Innovation Calco

“Thanks to the employee portal in Byner we can optimally engage and collaborate with professionals. We now make better matches and fully master our customer and candidate funnels.”
~Frank Voskuil, Founder

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