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Martijn Goedmakers, Byner

Building relationships and driving customer success

Martijn Goedmakers is the new account executive at Byner

Byner is growing fast

Since the launch of the brand new Byner App on the Salesforce Platform, it’s been a huge success. We welcomed many wonderful new customers and the app has been met by growing interest in the Staffing & Consultancy market. Business is growing and that is why we are happy to welcome Martijn Goedmakers in our team. As an account executive, Martijn will – in many cases – be the first point of contact for anyone who wants to explore the possibilities of Byner for their company.

Help customers boost their business with Byner

Martijn explains:  “After working experience in the Staffing and Recruitment industry, as a sales executive in tech and IT, I aspired to shift to more consultative selling. A role in which I can help companies boost their business and powerfully engage with their target groups. Then, a good friend of mine pointed me towards Byner. And that’s what set the ball rolling. As an account executive at Byner, I can personally contribute to sustainable customer success and build long term relationships.

I’ve worked with Salesforce in the past, but it struck me that we didn’t take full advantage of this powerful technology. From what I hear, this is the case in many other companies as well. I’m looking forward to promoting Byner to the market of Staffing & Consultancy and showing the impact the App makes for companies working with Salesforce.”

"You can really sense that Byner was developed by technical and industry experts in co-creation with customers."

What’s it like to be part of Byner now?

“From the first moment I reached out, I have a good feeling about the company. Instead of focusing on the job opening and the requirements, the interviews were about me as a person, my goals, ambitions and my aspirations. And now I work here, I can feel personal touch in everything we do, both internally with colleagues and externally with customers and prospects.

It’s quite strange to start a new job in times of Covid-19. Everybody is working remotely and thus my onboarding has been a digital one. But it felt really good. I had a warm welcome and everybody is enthusiastic, open and ready to help. The lines here are short and I am immediately involved in meetings with colleagues and customers. I’m very happy with my decision and am looking forward to immersing myself in the techy world of Byner and Salesforce.“

" I’m looking forward to promoting Byner to the market of Staffing & Consultancy and showing the impact the App makes for companies working with Salesforce."

What’s your first impression of the app?

“Byner is a unique app that fills a crucial gap on the Salesforce platform. For companies in Staffing & Consultancy it streamlines the processes from contract to invoice and creates synergy between marketing, sales, recruitment and delivery. Since it’s built on the Salesforce platform, Byner easily integrates with Salesforce applications, and linking to other systems like for finance or payrolling are also no problem.

The app is user friendly and has a pleasant interface and practical features. You can really sense that it was developed by technical and industry experts in co-creation with customers. And what I find specifically handy, is that Byner has a modular concept. You can select which features you need and scale up and down as desired.”

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What’s your ambition?

“I’m especially looking forward to showing companies how Byner can help them take control of their core business and build better relationships with professionals. In daily practice, many companies still use different systems to fully cover the process from contract to invoicing – and even do parts of it by hand. By cleverly designing and automating processes you can achieve so much in terms of productivity, compliance and data intelligence.

Byner helps you to be compliant and do things first-time-right. And once you combine all activities in one environment, you gather a wealth of data and useful insights. For example regarding the sales and service cycle. Or exploring which touch points in the journey of professionals are successful and which can be optimized.

I can’t wait to meet our customers and give my very first demo. So, if you’re reading this and wonder how Byner can impact your business, reach out. I look forward to meeting you!”

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Martijn Goedmakers
Martijn Goedmakers

Account Executive Byner

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